I am a probably drinking (or thinking about) a Baja Blast this very moment. When your email pops up in my inbox, I will probably do a little happy dance and reply back with WAYYY too many exclamation marks!!! And when we have our initial phone call and mention your shared love for Taco Bell, we will become best friends! 

When you pick me as your photographer, you are not only getting a girl who's obsessed with long skirts & tacos, but mostly importantly, a girl who is passionate about what she does - providing YOU with an amazing photo experience!

Let me be completely
honest with you...

are we a match?

did we just become

best friends?

also known as:

the skirt queen

baja blast Obsessed photographer

bubbly, hype-woman

your photographer






baja blast

taco bell

winking owl wine

the goal digger podcast

this or that?

go out or stay in

netflix or hulu?

coffee or tea

night owl or early bird

summer or fall

get to know

Mint skirt

shop the skirts

the Amanda

the skirt queen

probably craving taco bell

spending time with my sweet family

organizing all of
my skirts


I am a wife to Justin, a mother to Nate, and I couldn't be more thankful. These two give me so much joy! I strive everyday to work hard and help give little man the best life possible. I won't lie and say every day is "picture perfect" (see what I did there? - haha) BUT we do the best we can! My boys mean the absolute world to me and I do my best to soak up every second I can with them. 


is an understatement

Fall Family Pictures 2021 | Miscellaneous Media Photography