35 skirts

and counting...

My client closet looks a tad different then a lot of other photographer's. My closet is a collection of long, flowing skirts that I have become obsessed with over the past year! I own 35, and my goal is to collect every color of the rainbow!

*I do have a few long dresses, a handful of shirts, and cute hats available as well! Make sure to check them out below!

Welcome to,

The asp

client closet

What in the world is a client closet?

Well, that is the fun part! I have *almost every color skirt you could imagine, so picking one to fall in love with, shouldn't be tooo hard. You just let me know what color you are interested in and I will bring it with me to your session. If you are interested in more than one, by all means, wear them all! 

okay...so how does
it work?

what's the catch?

There is absolutely NO CATCH! No hidden fees, no extra cost, nothing - it is included in your session package! So, why not give one a try?!

AND, Guess what!? Yes, the skirt will fit you! They are (pretty much) a one size fits all. If you check out my blog post, The Skirt Project, you will see what I mean. I have put these skirts on pregnant women, women who wear a size 2, and women with curves - Like myself!!! (The main reason why I started buying them - I can wear them too).

under construction!

Please head over to the mobile version to view the client closet!

convinced yet?

the kate

the kelley

the ashley

the kayla

the tara

Wanna know something cool?

Each skirt has a name! Yes, really! I decided when I did #TheSkirtProject, that I was going to name the skirt after the first one to wear it! I am so excited to share these skirts with my clients. I really believe they not only work with all body types, but compliment and provide beautiful movement to the session. 

Well, What are you waiting for?...

check them all out!

the jess

the lauren

the rachel

the jennifer

the ashlynne

the melissa

the leanne

the chandi

the hannah

the breckon

the aubrey

the haley

the emma

 the abby

the bri

the Chelsea

more pictures coming soon!