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Attending a women’s networking event focused on empowering women is an empowering experience in and of itself. These events provide a unique opportunity to be part of a supportive, inspiring community of women with similar interests and goals. Whether you are looking to make friends and establish meaningful relationships or learn from successful role models, there is something for everyone. This is a great chance to meet like-minded individuals, engage in rewarding conversations and build your professional/social network – all while feeling empowered by the collective support of the group. Don’t miss out – get out there, take chances, and go to one of these empowering gatherings!

Cough. Cough…The Skirt Project’s Brunch with Beauties Round 2 Event!

I strongly believe when women join forces, there’s nothing we can’t do. Together we have the power to shape our world for generations to come! The Skirt Project Community does just that. It brings women together and gives them a platform to share stories, experiences, advice, and resources that can help each other empower and encourage one another!

…And this is why I created The Skirt Project’s Brunch with Beauties Event – to bring more women together to empower and inspire one another! 

While I have your attention, let me share some of the benefits of attending this year’s Brunch with Beauties Round 2 Event:

Create meaningful connections with women in your area & beyond: Brunch with Beauties provides a great opportunity to make long-term relationships with like-minded individuals in your industry or individuals who have similar goals and interests. 

Are you a small business owner eager to expand your network and vendor list? An overwhelmed first-time mom looking for resources on parenting or someone in their mid-twenties trying to make new friends as they enter the adult world? Look no further, because this is the EVENT FOR YOU!

Share experiences and receive advice from other women: The Skirt Project is built on SHARING our stories! When we share our stories with one another, we create a safe space to understand the unique struggles faced by women in our community & beyond. One of The Skirt Project’s missions is to create a positive impact on society as a whole.

Brunch with Beauties focuses on sharing personal stories and experiences so you are able to gain support and spark empowering conversations – providing an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation! 

Gain confidence: Embrace the awkward silences or moments of uncertainty as opportunities to practice being confident in those situations. An empowering aspect of Brunch with Beauties is that the many connections you make will provide supporting resources and inspiring messages. It will also give you a chance to build connections that could have an incredibly positive impact on your future, so always remember to stay focused and keep things inspiring!

Get inspired: Brunch with Beauties is filled with inspiring stories from incredible women. Every story shared within this space is a reminder that we can all achieve great things with the right support. Whether you’re coming away with tangible ways to progress yourself or just feeling uplifted hearing stories of amazing accomplishments; Brunch with Beauties promises an experience that will remain in the heart of those who attend.

From building meaningful relationships and making friends to engaging in rewarding conversations, there is something for everyone at Brunch with Beauties Round 2. Together, let’s celebrate life – you deserve it, girl! 

The possibilities of encouragement are truly endless – so why not give yourself and/or your mom, sister, best friend, etc. the gift of attending Brunch with Beauties today? You may just find the enthusiasm, inspiration, and confidence that you have been searching for!

What are you waiting for? Purchase your ticket today! Click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-skirt-projects-brunch-with-beauties-round-2-tickets-527985036457

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