5 Reasons to have your Engagement Session in Downtown Staunton, Virginia


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Staunton, Virginia is not only BEAUTIFUL, but it also has my heart – it’s my hometown! For years I didn’t appreciate its beauty; from the stunning architecture to its abundant history!

History: “In 1732, Staunton, Va was settled and named after Lady Rebecca Staunton – how cool?! It is also the birthplace of the 28th president Woodrow Wilson. Staunton is credited with creating the city manager form of government, which was formally adopted in 1908.”

Beautiful Architecture: “Most of the diverse structures lining downtown streets, fashioned by the same “Pattern Book” fan and architect, TJ Collins, between 1890 and 1911, have been restored to their original beauty.”

History & beauty – such an awesome combo! But wait, there’s MORE!

Here are 5 reasons to have your engagement session in Downtown Staunton, VA!

Variety of Backgrounds

From the beautiful architecture at Mary Baldwin University to the tranquil oasis known as Gypsy Hill Park, there is so much to love about Staunton, Virginia. When I talk with my clients who want to incorporate “City Vibes” into their engagement sessions, I always recommend Staunton because of the ability for us to have a variety of backgrounds. Meredith and Vince were 100% on board and I was able to create a beautiful, session experience, even in the middle of November – when the scenery can be iffy!

Date Night Opportunities

I tell my couples to get dressed up and make it a date night. Y’all get to have this special moment to tell your love story and get beautiful pictures that embrace this season of your lives together, but the experience doesn’t have to end with me! Treat yourself to an evening on the town – in a Small Virginia Town full of wonderful dining spots.

One of my favorite dining options is Baja Bean! Of course, it is my favorite, Mexican cuisine! It isn’t Taco Bell, but it is pretty darn good!

A couple of my other favorites have to be: Remedy Burger, Blu Point Seafood Co., Mill Street Grill, and Redbeard Brewing Company. Make sure to tag me in your Instagram stories when you try one of these restaurants – I love #supportinglocal

I Know The Best Spots

Have I mentioned, I know STAUNTON? Over the years I have become comfortable shooting at nearly any location, but Staunton – it feels like HOME.

If you choose to have your engagement session in Downtown Staunton, trust me, I know the very best spots!

Conveniently Located

Downtown Staunton, VA is less than 5 miles from Interstate 81! Can we agree that is pretty convenient?

Not only is it easy to find, but jumping from multiple locations during our session is EASY! Just think, we could possibly make at least 2 different locations work in an hour, with outfit changes, and tons of time shooting! Some locations don’t allow for this, but of course, that is totally okay! We rock the session no matter where we are!

Supporting Local

I am a BIG fan of supporting local! As a small business owner, I understand the need and the true power behind supporting your community!

When you opt to have your session in Staunton, VA, there is an opportunity for you to continue supporting the small businesses of Staunton, along with mine!

Here are just some of my favorite local businesses that I highly recommend checking out: Burrow & Vine, Blair Made, Latitudes Fair Trade Store, and Billy Opal.




There are so many reasons why I suggest Staunton, Virginia to my couples that it seems like a no-brainer! One of the main reasons is that I love supporting my local community. Staunton is a beautiful town with beautiful people. I LOVE Virginia – I LOVE Staunton, VA! #visitstauntonva

Find out more about all things Staunton, VA here!

Find out even more about ME – other than I live in Staunton, VA, on my website! 🙂




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