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The Skirt Project is for ALL women – no matter your SIZE, SHAPE, RACE, AGE OR STAGE OF LIFE – you deserve to feel like a dang QUEEN!

The Skirt Portrait Experience Session is SO MUCH MORE than just dancing around in a pretty skirt and getting your photo taken! It is about celebrating yourself, seeing the beauty in yourself, and reminding yourself of how freaking AMAZING you are! This unique portrait experience isn’t a “therapy session”, BUT it is, or can be, very therapeutic! If you open your heart to the mission and movement, you will truly walk away feeling emotionally lighter and in the best of spirits!

I created The Skirt Project with the intentions of supporting and uplifting women and over the past two years, the skirt project has grown in reach, impact, and vision. This community of women willing to encourage one another through sharing their stories, vulnerabilities, and experiences has blown me away!

I am extremely grateful to not only be able to share Belle’s BEAUTIFUL Skirt Project Experience Session at Massanutten Creek, but HER STORY!

“I’ve always been pretty confident with my body. I was lucky, when I gave birth to my 2 older kids, my body was back to its pre-pregnancy size within 3 months after giving birth. So when I didn’t lose all the pregnancy weight shortly after I gave birth to my 3rd baby, 2 years ago, I was surprised. I tried everything I can to lose the weight but it didn’t work.

I got depressed and I tried to hide it from my family & friends.

I refused to buy new clothes even though non of my clothes fit me anymore which made me depressed even more. I hated looking at myself in the mirror & having my picture taken…”

“One day, a fellow photographer posted something that stuck with me…

It’s about being in the photos with our family & not being conscious with how we look, because our kids do not see us the way we do; all they see is a mom who loves them unconditionally.

And that made me realize that my family doesn’t care how I look or how much I weigh, all they care about is that I’m happy and healthy. And they love & accept me for who I am.

So since then, I took baby steps to consciously love my body. I wish I can say that the road to fully loving my body was as smooth as it can be; but it wasn’t. I’ve had a lot of setbacks when I would go back to my old mindset; but I would fight the urge to hate my body, and instead, see it for what it can do & did.”

“Do I still wish I’d lose the pregnancy weight? Yes; but not because I hate how I look; only because I have some cute clothes & tall boots that I can’t wear anymore & wish I could again. Lol!🤣

Will I be depressed again if that doesn’t happen?…

No, I’ve learned to love my body as it is with all its imperfections. Is my body perfect? For others it might not be; but for me, it is.

This body gave birth to & nourished 3 of the most precious gifts that God has blessed me with. My body is beautiful & amazing! And that for me, is the only thing that matters.” – Belle

I am honored to say, this White Chiffon Skirt is now named The Belle and is a part of The Skirt Project’s Skirt Collection. You can buy her skirt here:

Enjoy more from Belle’s Skirt Project Experience Session:

This one is one of my favorites – we were about 15-20 minutes in and I could tell she was starting to get comfortable and REALLY allowing herself to ENJOY and CELEBRATE this special moment for herself!

White Skirt Link:

Blue Skirt Link:

Pink Skirt Link:

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