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And Why I Currently Own Over 55!

It’s no secret I LOVE Maxi Skirts! Over the past year and a half, I have collected over 55 maxi skirts for my Skirt Project & Client Closet, and I find myself adding more to my Amazon (or Etsy) shopping cart every day.

As a photographer, I love encouraging my clients to wear something that makes them feel beautiful and confident AND looks AMAZING during our session, so I’ve rounded up 8 reasons why I swear by these Maxi Skirts!

1. They’re flattering.

A maxi skirt gently flares from the waist, highlighting your curves, while elongating the body! And since it’s flowy, it doesn’t cling to your body at all. After having my first child, my new “mom bod” wanted something that cinched the waist and flattered the curves! I found my first skirt (pictured below) on Amazon, and fell in love. The flowing fabric not only drew the eye vertically, rather than horizontally, but made it flattering for any body type. My closet consists of skirts made from chiffon, tulle, and silk – all flowing and flattering for all women. The tulle and chiffon are exceptionally flattering and make for BEAUTIFUL photos. The movement in the fabric allows for motion to be adding into the photographs – #dreamy

AND don’t even get me started about how EASY and beautiful sitting down shots are in a maxi skirt!! Picture this: the kids are sitting around you and the fabric of the skirt is flowing all around – pure magic!

2. They’re COMFY.

You DON’T have to sacrifice style for comfort! During a photo session, feeling COMFORTABLE is definitely a goal! As a mom, wearing a long, flowing skirt that not only covers me, but makes me feel like a GODDESS is a WIN-WIN! For me, wearing a maxi skirt for a photo session means; no tugging and constant fixing of my shorter dress/skirt, no more feeling anxious about the wind causing a scene, and/or not having to worry about what shoes you have on (your feet are usually completely covered). The light and breathable fabric also allows for easy movement and flexibility when it comes to wrangling up your kids for the shot! The light fabric will also keep you from sweating excessively – if you are like me, this is a big deal! There is nothing more uncomfortable than worrying about sweating during a photoshoot!

3. They’re feminine.

Maxi Skirts are flirty, fun, enhance your figure, and did I mention FUN?!?! I mean who doesn’t want to feel fancy and chic?! I know I do!

4. They’re CONVENIENT.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS!! You know you appreciate this one! Maxi Skirts equals LESS TIME GETTING READY!! No one is going to know you participate in “No-Shave November” all year long! UNLESS you choose one of the skirts with a slit (pictured below), then you will have to shave ONE leg! hahaha

Also, if you are missing your sun-kissed leg tan, no worries – Maxi Skirt to the rescue.

5. They’re Versatile.

Whether you are pregnant, in the midst of a weight loss journey, or a first time mama with a changing body, maxi skirts are truly your BFF’s! These skirts can accommodate a growing bump while keeping you stylish and comfortable! The elastic waistband also works with your changing shape – no matter what stage of life you are in!

6. They’re provide effortless posing.

These maxi skirts are begging for the “EXTRA” side of you to come out and play! They allow for SO many different, effortless posing options! Whether it be lightly tossing the skirt, giving an exaggerated twirl, or playing with the many layers, the poses are anything but stiff! Not only will you look like an queen, but you will have fun twisting and twirling around!

7. No wardrobe malfunctions.

A maxi skirt means you don’t have to worry about anything riding up or being caught up in the wind. It’s literally got you covered. Say goodbye to those humiliating wardrobe malfunctions (accidentally flashing anyone), these skirts are worry-free and allow freedom of movement, since your legs aren’t constricted by fabric. 

8. They’re classic.

Maxi Skirts are NOT going out of style anytime soon! With the variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics available, they are truly CLASSIC!

Whether you’re tall or short, curvy or column-shaped, a maxi skirt can work for you – simple as that!

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