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September 5, 2021, I received an email…an email that would change everything!

WHSV emailed me inquiring about The Skirt Project! *que the recording of my HIGH PITCH SCREAMING!!*

For those of you that don’t know what the heck “The Skirt Project” is, check out this post first: https://amandashraderphotography.com/2021/05/06/the-skirt-project-story/

Now that you are all caught up, let’s rewind the story back to the announcement of The FIRST EVER Skirt Project Event! On July 3rd, 2021 (the ONE year anniversary of when I started the project) I announced that I was partnering with the Staunton Innovation Hub and we were hosting a Skirt Project Event! My heart was pounding with excitement as I shared, with my Instagram and Facebook community, “Save the Date – 09.04.2021! Get ready for the first ever Skirt Project Event!”

A couple weeks prior, I reached out to my AWESOME community of women business owners, and asked them if they would like to Sponsor the event – they said YES!!! When I say my heart was full, I absolutely MEANT IT!

FIFTEEN, yes really, FIFTEEN incredible, women business owners agreed to sponsor the event! How freakin’ awesome! (listed below!)

Now, let’s fast forward about two weeks before the Event! This wasn’t a fun time, I was stressed about COVID and keeping everyone well…So, I made the hard decision to cancel the in-person event and move it online! However, I still wanted to use the AWESOME space at The Hub, so I packed up all of my skirts and went LIVE on Instagram.

While I was unpacking my skirts, with my two awesome assistants – Chelsea and Katie, something crazy happened! A man came over to us, introduced himself, and asked what we were doing. I quickly responded and told him we were doing a LIVE event for The Skirt Project. He was intrigued!! He started asking me all kinds of questions; he asked if he could snap a few pictures (because he is super interested in photography), told me he works at the YMCA, and that he dabbles in journalism. At the time, I was super excited to share the story of The Skirt Project and what it meant to me and this community, but I will be honest and say my mind was too focused on not throwing up before I went LIVE on Instagram – haha!

After our conversation, Chris left and I started scrambling around to get myself “photo-ready!” While I am in the bathroom, putting on my makeup, Chris asked Chelsea for my business contact information! He told her that he would be in touch…

Again, my mind was in a million different places and I knew I had to focus!

3…2…1…WE ARE LIVE!

Watch the replay here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTaunYUl3SZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

All went well and the next day, I receive an email…from WHSV!!!

My emotions were at an all-time high!

I learned that Chris had reached out to his old contacts at the News Station and shared my project with them!! I also found out that he used to be a reporter – how COOL!

I quickly responded back and shared my story.

The next morning, Kayla Brooks from WHSV, is on a zoom call with me, interviewing ME!!

To say that I was nervous would be an understatement!

Kayla, was SUPER cool though and we had a wonderful conversation!

THAT SAME NIGHT, IT AIRED ON WHSV!! View it here: https://www.whsv.com/2021/09/06/staunton-woman-uses-talents-bring-women-together-build-them-up/

As I turned on the TV, all of the emotions HIT – HARD!

After many nights of me questioning myself and this journey, my passion project was actually being shown on TV!

I saw an Instagram post that said “When you create something from your heart, I hope you promote the hell out of it. Shout it from the rooftops. Share it with everyone. Let yourself be seen. And don’t apologize for it” – @_lisaolivera

I am shouting this from rooftops because I AM PASSIONATE about helping women feel beautiful, feel confident, and most importantly, FEEL SEEN!!!! We ALL deserve to be seen!!!


The fabulous Tara Todd, from NBC29, reached out to me and asked if she could feature my story, also!

Guys…I had to pinch myself!

Of course, I QUICKLY responded and said YESSSS!!!

This time, I was being interviewed IN-PERSON!!!!! Eeekkkk!! I was super NERVOUS!!

Tara met me, Mrs. Katie Garner, and Mrs. Bridget Harned, at The Blackburn Inn, located in Staunton, VA.

She captured moments during my ELAN Session with Katie and Bridget and then interviewed Katie and I, asking us to share how we felt about the project!

My emotions were CRAZY! I cried, many times. (and it wasn’t just because I was nervous! haha)

I couldn’t help but go around signing, “Hey look ma, I made it… on TV, again!”


Moral of this story – You never know when a simple conversation can impact your life!

List of The Skirt Project Event Sponsors:

Sea & Soul Jewelry, Valley Garden Co., Katie Garner Realtor, Rockfish Valley Events by Design, LLC, Del-Licious Treats by Delorise, Salon Flo, Paul Obaugh Ford, Simply Soiree, Boutique Balloons, Lex Wax Esthetics, Kynndal Hartt Makeup and Hair, Ali&CO, Kristyn Creative, Blair Made, and The Esthetic Co.

Event Partner: The Staunton Innovation Hub

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