Laura & Trevor – Couple


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Laura and I have been great friends for years, I consider her one of my best. From taking portraits of her showcasing her crazy, beautiful red hair to her and her spotted “fur baby” Lily, Laura has been a joy to work with. I had the pleasure to meet her boyfriend, Trevor, during her last shoot and I have to say, he is a keeper! Some couples I can just tell they are good for each other. The way they interact during a session says a whole lot. I learn a lot about a couple within the first couple seconds of meeting them. I can always tell how the session will go, smooth or awkward. Usually, I laugh enough to make any couple feel less awkward, or I try my best to. 


Laura’s Thoughts…

“Amanda is amazing. She is very easy to work with and makes taking pictures easy. It is a laidback environment and she’s fun to have around. I have had her take different types of pictures and all of them have come out fantastic, she is truly talented.”

And of course…he licked her forehead.